We are The Detector Supply Company, and offer a full-line of metal detectors and accessories from top quality manufacturers.

Our experience in serving metal detectorists has been very rewarding. Consumer spending in this market has grown tremendously in just the last two years. Public interest in this hobby is on the rise. The hobby is being organically promoted by active hobbyists who blog, several TV shows and word of mouth. While traditionally an older male hobby, it has recently seen a large growth in younger populations, especially in active families. People come to it looking for a fun retirement, for combing the beach, for finding gold nuggets, for spicing up hiking trips, for bonding with their children, for under-water treasure hunting, etc. Consumers often combine metal detecting with other hobbies. As a result, we see a great business opportunity that will broaden the relationship with your customer base.

The Detector Supply Company is committed to the success of its partners. We promise operational efficiency to save you money and time: convenient processing, fast turn-around and customized shipping options. We offer seamless service: helpful technical and sales personnel at your call, a great liaison with various manufacturers. We are attuned to your business needs: we offer customized service, marketing support and consulting. Our wide product line allows you to choose the optimal mix to fit your customers’ needs.

Your business means our business. Your success is our success.

Please let us know how we may serve your business needs. You can reach us by phone, by email or by visiting this website. We look forward to helping you achieve great returns from the metal detecting market by helping your customers find more treasures.